Interesting public lectures all week

We can now present all the public lectures during the conference Literacy for all – Botkyrka 2014. The week will start on Monday with an lecture about the situation of Roma in Europe hold by Rosario Ali Taikon, and another lecture by Caroline Keerfoot, a lecturer from South Africa, who will talk about the concepts of literacy.

Literacy for all - Botkyrka 2014Monday 9th June

Inauguration 10-10:20

Presentation of Botkyrka 10:20-10:40
Helena Rojas, Division for Democracy, Human Rights & Intercultural Development, Botkyrka Municipality

The situation of Roma in Europe 10:40-11:20
Rosario Ali Taikon, Romané Bučá

An interrogation of concepts of literacy 11:20-12
Caroline Kerfoot, Lecturer, Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University in Sweden and University of the Western Cape in South Africa

Tuesday 10th June

Literacy and multimodality 10-11
Qarin Franker, the Department of Swedish, University of Gothenburg in Sweden

Functional pedagogy 11-11:30
Livstycket Knowledge and Design Centre, non-profit organisation in Tensta, Stockholm

Easy-to-Read audio books and e-books 11:30-12
Laura Mendez Edkvist, publisher-in-Chief of LL-förlaget

Wednesday 11th June

The role of public libraries for supporting adult literacy 10-11
Lisa Krolak, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), Head of the UIL Library

Literacy on four legs – Presentation of the ALEF method 11-11:20
Hélène Boëthius, ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund

Digital environments for all 11:30-12:15
Lena Ryman Wildén, teacher in second language

Thursday 12th June

Public libraries as hybrid institutions? 10-11
Kristian Nagel Delica, the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University in Denmark

To make oneself heard – Comment tracks for all 11-12
Malin Crona, the editor in chief for the Swedish newspaper 8 Sidor (8 Pages)

Friday 13th June

Project presentations from around Europe 10-12



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