Slides from the conference Literacy for all – Botkyrka 2014

Slides from some of the public lectures hold during the conference Literacy for all – Botkyrka 2014 in June:

The Role of Public Libraries in Supporting Adult Literacy (PDF)
Lisa Krolak, UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL), Head of the UIL Library

ALEF method (PDF)
Hélène Boëthius, ALEF, Adult Learning and Empowerment Fund

Public libraries as hybrid institutions: social innovative spaces in disadvantaged neighbourhoods (PDF)
Kristian Nagel Delica, Assistant professor, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial change, Roskilde University, Denmark

De Bibliotheek Taal & Werk  (PDF)
Lianne Knobel, Bibliotheek Breda, the Netherlands

The power of languages and the need to learn Swedish: Activities within the libaries of Botkyrka (PDF)
Marie Johansen, Bibliotek Botkyrka, Sweden

The Women International House of Trieste (PDF)
(Enhanced version of the presentation in Botkyrka in June 2014)
Simonetta Pasqualis, Italy


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